Using Google reader and RSS feeds is a great way to quickly access specific Internet sites and blogs with the most recent, unread entries conveniently posted at the top.  With bookmarks, you have to check all of your sites each day to see if there is anything new, and if you don’t look at your bookmarks everyday then you’ll probably miss some added info on a particular site.  RSS feeds are an easy way to keep informed of the latest articles and discussions on topics of interest to you.  I found searching for feeds on Google reader fairly easy.  I didn’t really like the bundles, put the categories were helpful, and the keyword searching seemed to work fine.


I checked out a few MySpace accounts at public libraries.  The ones I looked at used MySpace to promote programs, highlight new materials, and provide a place for patrons (teens) to blog about the library. 

I like Wikis more now that I’ve explored some besides Wikipedia.  I’ve decided they can be useful (although I haven’t made up my mind yet about, what is it called – Witter, Flitter, oh yes Twitter).  Our library should start with a link on Wikipedia from the Newington page to our library.  I like the conference and city wikis.  With city wikis you can get current opinions on restaurants, shows and concerts.  The Library Success wiki seems too general.  For the LRW library we could use wikis to get ideas/conversations going with all staff on topics to be discussed at future staff meetings.  With team projects, we could create wikis instead of doing the verrrry long forwarded emails.

This could be used in a photo identification contest.  You could say, “Whose house was this and what is it used for now?”  I have tons of photos stored on my computer at home.  This lesson has inspired me to do more with them besides just printing them out!

Can you tell someone's unhappy?Although it’s nice, wealth is not always better!


  Subject   FLOWERS  

Text    Amid the rush and fever of the street,
 The snarl and clash of countless quarrelling bells,
And the sick, heavy heat,
 The hissing footsteps, and the hateful smells,
I found you, speaking quietly
 Of sunlit hill-horizons and clean earth;
 While the pale multitude that may not dare
To pause and live a moment, lest they die,
 Swarmed onward with hot eyes, and left you there —
An armful of God’s glory, nothing worth.

You are more beautiful than I can know.
 Even one loving you might gaze an hour
Nor learn the perfect flow
 Of line and tint in one small, purple flower.
There are no two of you the same,
And every one is wonderful and new —
 Poor baby-blossoms that have died unblown,
 And you that droop yourselves as if for shame,
You too are perfect.  I had hardly known
 The grace of your glad sisters but for you.

You myriad of little litanies!
 Not as our bitter piety, subdued
To cold creed that denies
 Or lying law that severs glad and good;
But like a child’s eyes, after sleep
 Uplifted; like a girl’s first wordless prayer
 Close-held by him who loves her — no distress
Nor storm of supplication, but a deep,
 Dear heartache of such utter happiness
As only utter purity can bear.

For you are all the robin feels at dawn;
 The meaning of green dimness, and calm noons
On high fields far withdrawn,
 Where the haze glimmers and the wild bee croons.
You are the soul of a June night: —
 Intimate joy of moon-swept vale and glade,
Warm fragrance breathing upward from the ground,
 And eager winds tremulous with sharp delight
Till all the tense-tuned gloom thrills like a sound —
 Mystery of sweet passion unafraid.

O sweet, sweet, sweet!  You are the proof of all
 That over-truth our dreams have memory of
That day cannot recall:
 Work without weariness, and tearless love,
And taintless laughter.  While we run
To measure dust, and sounding names are hurled
 Into the nothingness of days unborn,
You hold your little hearts up to the sun,
 Quietly beautiful amid our scorn —
God’s answer to the wisdom of this world.


  Reference    POEMS. – PAGE 1 – HOOKER, BRIAN

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